Jesus - Name Above All Names
Jesus - Name Above All Names
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Jesus – Name Above All Names

To encourage and share a glimpse of who Jesus is throughout the Bible.

From Rejected Stone to the Chief Cornerstone, Servant to Master and King, the High Priest and yet the lamb that was slain. The background to the names and scripture references is a fusion of various paintings by the artist. These include The Dove of Peace, the Lion of Judah and the Water of Life flowing down to the Lamb of God. At the lower left corner are seven angelic trumpets heralding Christ's return. Centrally, as we reach the foot of the cross, amongst the stones, a heart formed from a drop of blood. At first glance, it could easily be thought of as the reflection of Christ on the cross. However, in perspective, the reflection is not of Christ but of the repentant thief on his cross. He represents all of mankind that Jesus forgave and died for. Hence we are always in His heart. Redeeming Love.